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Hosting Plans

$41.88 Per Year
Unlimited Bandwidth
2 Gigabytes of Storage
5 FTP Accounts
10 E-Mail Accounts
10 SQL Databases
Domains start at $1477
$65.00 Per Year
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Gigabytes of Storage
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited SQL Databases
1 Free Domain
$5.95 Per Month
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Gigabytes of Storage
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited SQL Databases
Domains start at $14.77
$5.00 per year
2GB Bandwidth Per Month
500MB Storage Space
1 FTP Account
1 Email Account
1 SQL Database
Domains start at $14.77

Qiwi Trails Hosting

Qiwi Trails Hosting is proud of its Midwest roots. The company was started between two friends with a handshake back in 2010. Since then, the team has grown to include another friend who was also brought in with a handshake and a host of new ideas. Expanding to include software development, business consulting, and work with crowd funding platforms has been a rewarding challenge over the past few years.

We believe in a few things that we feel set us apart from other web hosts.


An Open Web

The Internet works best when nobody is limited – we firmly support the initiative that all sites should be treated equally when it comes to bandwidth, and that nobody should be able to leverage money to make their sites load faster.

Open Source

Qiwi Trails has begun developing open source projects. As we move forward, we plan to release even more software to the public for shared development. New ideas are not born in a vacuum; they come from collaboration and good communication. We are proud to be moving in this direction.


Qiwi Trails is a big supporter of community events. We’ve already supported the local gaming community in Springfield Missouri for years, and we plan to expand that in the future. Communities thrive on communication, which is why we offer auto-installers that make it quick and easy to set up forums, wikis, and even social media sites.

We invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions about our services. We look forward to working with anyone to

Open Source Projects

Furnarchy is a Modular Software program that offers an extension framework for an online social game.
Pathfinder Character Library is a dynamic link library that can handle character information for Pathfinder Game Software.

Useful Resources

/r/webdev - resources for developing websites.
Stack Overflow - a resource for programmers.
DevDocs - An API reference for various programming languages.
Built With - A site helpful for determining web technologies used on websites.
Into DNS - A site useful for troubleshooting website issues.

Easy to use Software

Wordpress - A blogging platform with an array of themes and plugins.
Joomla - A popular content management system with themes and plugins.
Magento - An eCommerce solution designed for easy integration.



Every year we attend Springfield G.A.M.E. - This year we are sponsors for the event and could not be more proud of the work that Eclectic Endeavors does for this and their various other events that they handle each year.


Filezilla is a great FTP tool.
Notepad++ is a fantastic text editing tool.
GitHub is a great platform for Source Control and much more.
Visual Studio is one of the best Integrated Development Environments we've ever used.