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  • New Domain Pricing

    June 30, 2016 by James Cordrey
  • Hello! We wanted to give you a brief update so you understand what's happening here at Qiwi Trails Hosting. As you know, we strive to provide you with the best service we can. Do to a number of back-end changes that we feel will provide superior service to you, we will need to raise the prices of our domains from $10.77 to $14.77 for 1 year, and $21.54 to $29.54 for a 2 year registration.

    To add additional value to that, though, we're going to start including private domain registration on every domain we register. ICANN, the organization responsible for setting out domain regulations, has a standard that requires certain information be made public when you register a domain. (Name, E-Mail address, physical address, and phone number.) - We are now using a proxy to register your domain for you to protect your information. (You will still have full ownership and control of your domain.) 

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or log in at to submit a ticket and we'd be happy to explain this more.

    Thank you.

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