James Cordrey

James Cordrey

James is the CEO of Qiwi Trails Hosting. The day-to-day operations of the company are mostly fielded across his desk. From promotional materials to development, he draws on his background working as a business analyst, web developer, inventory system developer, and web content coordinator to keep the company moving forward. His resume includes: Inventory System development, training system development, business analytics for a fortune 500 company, hospital software development, and he has been the primary writer on two eBooks with content support and suggestions from the other co-owners.

Open Source Projects

- Furnarchy is a Modular Software program that offers an extension framework for an online social game.
- Pathfinder Character Library is a dynamic link library that can handle character information for Pathfinder Game Software.

Useful Resources

/r/webdev - resources for developing websites.
Stack Overflow - a resource for programmers.
DevDocs - An API reference for various programming languages.
Built With - A site helpful for determining web technologies used on websites.
Into DNS - A site useful for troubleshooting website issues.

Easy to use Software

Wordpress - A blogging platform with an array of themes and plugins.
Joomla - A popular content management system with themes and plugins.
Magento - An eCommerce solution designed for easy integration.



Every year we attend Springfield G.A.M.E. - This year we are sponsors for the event and could not be more proud of the work that Eclectic Endeavors does for this and their various other events that they handle each year.


Filezilla is a great FTP tool.
Notepad++ is a fantastic text editing tool.
GitHub is a great platform for Source Control and much more.
Visual Studio is one of the best Integrated Development Environments we've ever used.